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UFT Mobile


2018 - Present

Project Overview

UFT Mobile provides an end-to-end quality lab of real devices and emulators that help you test, monitor, and optimize your mobile apps for an enhanced user experience.

What did I do

Work closely with R&D to constantly improve the usability and user experience with the help of end-to-end planning and design of the new features, while constantly thinking about the user's side.
Promoting design processes with the help of Usability Tests, achieving updated design consistency with the company's design system and leading the transition to a new design tool - Figma.

My role

Lead product designer


UFT Family logos

Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.


  • UFT Family logos

  • Logon screen

  • What's new Pop-up

  • System info Pop-up

  • Empty states

Logon screen

After creating a new logo, an opportunity was created to renew the product login page.

The picture changes as the product versions are updated.

What's new Pop-up

Create a template design that can fit a variable number of features, with a variable amount of text, with the option to replace a background image and thus save development time in each version.

System info Pop-up

System info Pop-up has also been redesigned, and now only needs to change the image of the version.

Empty states

Users Management Improvements

Allowing to manage a large amount of users more conveniently and improving the usability and the user experience of user management. 

Animated Interactions
Work with me
Collection of works

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Exploratory Recording

UFTM provides a solution for exploratory testing and manual testing in general. 

The purpose of this feature is to help with this challenge by automatically capturing the steps performed by the tester and screenshots.  

Adding functionality that gives more control over the creation of the report and reporting of the defect in the DTS (Defect Tracking System).

The requirement

1. Functional requirements
3. Talk with stakeholders
3. Working closely with the QA team
4. Usability test

The solution

Old version 

New version

Video Recording

Adding an option to record video of the device screen during manual and automated tests, which will allow users to improve the quality of submitted defects and invest less time on reproducing and investigating issues.